Creago Oy on rakentamisen konsulttipalveluihin erikoistunut monialayhtiö, joka tarjoaa kattavat konsultti- ja kokonaispalvelut niin korjausrakentamisen kuin uudisrakentamisen rakennus- ja kehityshankkeisiin.


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Facility services

The comprehensive service for a office space transformation starts with understanding the customer's needs and business.

One of Creago’s areas of expertise is office space transformation projects. Our experts have decades of experience in business premises projects, such as offices, business premises, shops, restaurants, service facilities, sports and leisure facilities as well as logistics facilities. We serve customers from the mapping stage of the search for new premises, even to the end of the company’s relocation process.

Through our long-standing experience, the customer receives the premises that are just right for them in a reliable and service-oriented manner. The choice of premises is directly linked to income, costs and risks, so the choice should be treated like any other factor that increases the shareholder value of a company. At Creago, we consider it highly important to take care of the customer until they settle into their new premises and operations are smoothly initiated without disruption from the change.

We offer services according to the extent needed by the customer, ranging from comprehensive services to individual service needs. Our comprehensive service achieves inevitable cost-efficiency without compromising quality. Based on customer experiences of business premises renovation projects, we can say that with a comprehensive service, we are able to offer customers a comprehensively economical, easy and safe service package. Creago solves all service needs for the customer to the extent required by the project following the principle of ‘consulting services under one roof’.

We serve our customers e.g.:


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Virtual reality as a tool for planning office spaces

Creago’s strength lies in its diverse experience as a designer of business premises. In our design process, we have implemented tools provided by virtual reality. We want to offer the customer the opportunity to move within the planned space and have more diverse opportunities to influence the progress and choices of the project. The customer and designer can better examine the use of space and material choices as the design progresses. Decision-making on solutions speeds up.

Finding the best design solutions is based on good teamwork, and an experienced team of designers makes it possible to find the right solutions. The design entity is led and coordinated by the main designer best suited for the project along with project manager.

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