Creago Oy on rakentamisen konsulttipalveluihin erikoistunut monialayhtiö, joka tarjoaa kattavat konsultti- ja kokonaispalvelut niin korjausrakentamisen kuin uudisrakentamisen rakennus- ja kehityshankkeisiin.


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Project management and construction management

Cost-conscious and determined project management for construction projects.

In construction projects, we act as the developer organisation and representative of our customers. Through cost-conscious and determined project management, we ensure the most economical and functional solutions. Under the guidance of our project management, all solutions are in line with the goals set for the construction project and are well justified. Our project managers lead the construction project comprehensively, from needs assessment and project planning to warranty tasks. A project manager is a partner who frees up resources and allows you to focus on your daily activities. Successful project management means controlled project organization operations, information flow and seamless timed cooperation that enables the realization of the costs, schedule, quality requirements, lifecycle and environmental characteristics requirements set for the project. Construction management tasks will be carried out to the extent required by the project. If necessary, we put out to tender designers from different fields and draw up design agreements in the client’s name if the design field is not implemented by Creago Oy.

In construction management tasks, we serve our customers in the following phases, for example:


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