Creago Oy on rakentamisen konsulttipalveluihin erikoistunut monialayhtiö, joka tarjoaa kattavat konsultti- ja kokonaispalvelut niin korjausrakentamisen kuin uudisrakentamisen rakennus- ja kehityshankkeisiin.


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Projects and our expertise

Projects and our expertise

Our expertise is based on decades of experience in diverse and demanding construction projects in Finland and abroad.

In addition to the expertise and special expertise of our own personnel, we have a comprehensive network of experienced experts and companies selected over the years. In this way, we are able to provide both large and small projects with reliable and sufficient personnel that meet the requirements of the project.

Currently, Creago’s team consists of more than a dozen experienced professionals with diverse expertise. We assemble a specialized team for each project to best meet our client’s needs and ensure successful project completion.

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